What is LLCG?

LLCG stands for Leuven Lung Cancer Group, which is a cooperation between the clinical care programme Respiratory Oncology of the University Hospital Gasthuisberg and referring specialists. Activities are advice on complex patient records, organisation of postgraduate, redaction of treatment guidelines, and multidisciplinary clinical research.

The programme is focused on all aspects of patients with respiratory tumours (lungs, pleura, mediastinum). This includes prevention (smoking cessation clinic), early diagnosis, diagnostic and interventional bronchoscopy, lung cancer staging, preoperative functional cardiopulmonary evaluation, all aspects of lung cancer treatment, and follow-up. Treatment is in line with the multidisciplinary guidelines, in a cooperation between pulmonary oncology, thoracic surgery and radiation oncology, and is guided by weekly multidisciplinary rounds and quarterly meetings on implementation of scientific progress.

The day clinic for ambulatory chemotherapy is part of the Respiratory Oncology hospitalisation unit. Chemotherapy prescriptions are generated with a computer database, which ensures advanced quality control of this process. Nurses with specific oncological training are responsible for the administration of treatment and use educational materials to guide patients through their therapy. The advantages of integration of all activities in one unit are the better interaction of the patient with the entire team, and easy contact as both the patient and the general practitioner have access to one single phone number at all times during the treatment.

The Clinical Trial Unit, part of the Leuven Lung Cancer Group, is incorporated within the Respiratory Oncology programme. The Clinical Trial Unit, with full-time advisory function by study nurses, is focused on clinical research of staging, new chemotherapy and molecular-biological therapies, and this in frequent contact with other European and North American centres.